10 big name stars who are unbelievably short!

Daniel Radcliffe – 5’5″

The Boy Who Lived is also the boy who never really got that tall. 26 year old Daniel Radcliffe stands at only 5’5″ and it is hard not to notice, especially when next to Rupert Grint and Emma Watson who are both taller than him, despite being short themselves. Radcliffe has had a successful post ‘Potter’ career, working on films like ‘Horns’ and ‘Kill Your Darlings’. Radcliffe grew up in the industry and had to do school work on set because online schools and online colleges weren’t really prevalent at the time. Known for his outspoken nature in regards to equality and his affinity for controversial roles, Radcliffe looks to be an installment in Hollywood for quite awhile.

Daniel Radcliffe

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