10 Hot Celebs NO ONE wants to have sex with!

Kim has been known to be a little promiscuous. Her list of mates runs a little longer, only because she’s been in the public eye for so long and we won’t get into the details of all that. Unfortunately she eventually ran into one dirty dude during her shenanigans. Kim is used to being hounded by the paps and they are always searching for an imperfection of hers to exploit, and boy did they find one. Kim has been seen out in public with cold sores, a form of herpes, multiple times and we think we know why. Her bench riding basketball player ex-husband, Kris Humphries, gave her the STD. Kris was sued by Kayla Goldberg, who claims the two met in August of 2010 where he later gave her the present of the herp. Unfortunately for Kayla she lost the case, it’s kind of hard to prove someone gave you herpes in court. So could it be that Kris didn’t give her cold sore lips? Evidence suggests yes, but who knows in Kim’s case.