10 Hot Celebs NO ONE wants to have sex with!


Sorry ladies… but apparently the the genital blisters known as herpes have found their way to Brad Pitt. I mean the guy couldn’t have it all. The looks, the acting skills, the money… the universe had to throw the regular guys a bone with this one. Anytime you’re around a girl and she begins to breathe a little too deeply at the sight of Brad Pitt, let them know he is a petri dish of contagious inflammation. It might not help you get laid and probably won’t ruin her dreams but it’s worth a shot. Apparently the Inglorious Bastards lead man contracted the disease before marrying, then wife, Jennifer Aniston. One thing there’s no proof of Jen having the pesky infection herself, so this may just be a bad rumor. Chalk this one up as a win for all the guys out there with a clean STD record regardless.