10 insane experiments of real-life mad scientists

The Canadian Government Withheld Nutrients From Natives


Photo credit: cbc.ca

Starting in 1942, the Canadian government conducted some dangerous experiments on the native people in reservations. It started when a community in Manitoba nearly starved to death.

Researchers wanted to test just how important vitamins and nutrients were, so they started a series of experiments on natives across the country. In one, they decided to find out how a community would fare on 1,500 calories per day without vitamin supplements.

In another, the researchers withheld milk from 1,000 starving children for two years and then gave it back to see how it affected the children’s health. In almost all of the experiments, researchers forbid their subjects from seeing a dentist, afraid that proper dental care might skew the results.

Although the researchers probably believed that they were doing important work, their results went unread for decades. When the results were finally unearthed, people were just upset and the scientific community dismissed the findings as “not very helpful.”

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