10 insane experiments of real-life mad scientists

Dr. Sanjiv Talwar Made Remote-Controlled Rats


Photo credit: BBC

The State University of New York has been hard at work making something that the whole world needs: remote-controlled rats. These are real animals directed by remote control through a machine connected to their brains.

The scientists can use a remote control to make rats run, turn, jump, and climb. The researchers can navigate the animals through pipes and over ledges by sending electronic signals to their brains. When scientists tell a rat to turn, the rat feels like his left whiskers are being touched. If he turns, his brain is stimulated with a feeling of well-being.

The creator, Dr. Sanjiv Talwar, says that the rats could be used to save victims of earthquakes, although there’s no record of his ratbots being used to help anyone. There’s a good chance that this brain control device is going to be used for something, though, because it was funded by the US Department of Defense.

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