10 insane experiments of real-life mad scientists

Several Children Were Raised In Isolation To See What Would Happen


Early scientists took a strange interest in discovering mankind’s natural language. They were convinced that a child left alone (with no exposure to voices) would learn to speak naturally—and that this would be identical to the first human language.

More than a few people tried it. About 2,700 years ago, an Egyptian pharaoh ordered two babies to be raised in isolation. When the experiment was done, one of the children babbled something that sounded like bekos, the Phrygian word for “bread.” So the pharaoh declared that Phrygian was our innate language.

In the 15th century AD, King James IV made a mute woman raise babies alone on an island. He reported that those babies ended up speaking perfect Hebrew. But most historians believe that the experimenters “[lied] about the results.”

Emperor Frederick II went a step further and didn’t let the babies be touched. The babies, who were only fed and never talked to or touched, died from neglect.

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