10 insane experiments of real-life mad scientists

Pfizer Killed Up To 50 Children With Experimental Medicine


Photo credit: The Guardian

In 1996, Pfizer tested Trovan, an experimental antibiotic with a history of causing liver failure, on 200 Nigerian children during a meningitis epidemic. It was illegal to give this drug to kids in the US and to anyone in the European Union. So Pfizer went to Nigeria.

However, the Nigerian government denies that they gave approval for Pfizer to conduct their experiment in Nigeria. Pfizer disagrees. Either way, Pfizer did the experiment. According to the Nigerian government, the drug killed up to 50 children and caused mental and physical deformities in most of the others.

Pfizer denies the accusation. They insist that the children died or were disabled by meningitis. We’ll never know who was telling the truth about how bad the experiment really was. Without admitting wrongdoing or liability, Pfizer settled out of court for $75 million.

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