10 insane experiments of real-life mad scientists

Pavlov’s Pupil Recreated His Experiments On Children


You’ve probably heard of Ivan Pavlov, who got a dog to salivate every time Pavlov rang a bell. One of his pupils, Nikolai Krasnogorsky, decided to expand Pavlov’s experiments to human children.

Krasnogorsky got babies to salivate at the ring of a bell, although he found that humans have more self-control than dogs do. He also recreated experiments that had previously driven dogs to violent anger.

Krasnogorsky made the sound which signaled food was coming as hard to identify as possible. Pavlov had proven that annoying dogs with weird sounds really ticks them off, and Krasnogorsky proved that it was a great way to get on children’s nerves, too.

The kids in his experiment got so frustrated that they reacted violently. In fact, most dropped out of the study. When he ended his experiments on children, Krasnogorsky proudly noted that he had successfully given children “experimentally induced neuroses.”


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