10 insane experiments of real-life mad scientists

he Soviets Tried To Impregnate Women With Orangutan Babies


Photo credit: thedailyomnivore.net

All his life, Soviet biologist Ilya Ivanov had wanted to see an ape impregnate a human woman. When Ivanov announced his plan to artificially inseminate a woman with simian sperm, the Soviet government was interested enough to offer him money and France’s Pasteur Institute offered to supply chimpanzees.

Ivanov flew to Paris to get some women knocked up by chimps, but he came across an unexpected dilemma. French women weren’t keen on being impregnated by primates, so no one signed up.

Ivanov suggested that he pretend to be a gynecologist and secretly inseminate unsuspecting women with simian sperm. But those stuffy French officials wouldn’t let him. So he gathered some orangutans and returned to the Soviet Union, where the government wasn’t so worked up over human rights violations. There, Ivanov actually got five willing volunteers.

Tragically, his last orangutan died before he could do his experiment. Ivanov died shortly afterward.

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