10 things you didn’t know about Jedi


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Before Anakin Skywalker became Darth Vader and assisted Palpatine in the destruction of the Jedi Order, there were the Lost Twenty. Each of the Lost Twenty were different Jedi Masters who decided to leave the Jedi Order. Count Dooku (Christopher Lee), the Sith apprentice to Palpatine prior to Darth Vader, was the final of the twenty to leave the Jedi Order.

While many padawans and initiates leave the Order for a variety of reasons, the Lost Twenty each became full members of the Order before leaving, and their choice, therefore, was due to an ideological disagreement with the Jedi teachings. In Star Wars Legends, some members of the Lost Twenty go onto create the Sith Order, as fallen warriors who chose to create another Order in opposition to the Jedi.

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