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15 Of The Hottest Female Body Builders You Have Ever Seen!!

15. Erica Cordie – USA

Erica Cordie

Laying low in the bodybuilding industry.

Having sculpted legs, arms and a butt so firm you could chip a tooth on it are just a few of the reasons Cordie is adamant about her fitness routine.

Her  journey  into the world of weightlifting and bodybuilding started a few years ago as a means to rehabilitate her leg after a ski accident. Obviously (see mouth watering picture), it paid off, and after her recovery was complete she and her new body were ready to compete.

Though she hasn’t done as much bodybuilding as some of her counterparts, she still tries to make it to the gym as frequently as she can.  Cordie doesn’t bodybuild as much because the extreme diet restrictions  she had to follow were a lot to handle. However, she helps others to eat a balanced diet and stay in shape so they can enjoy feeling their best.

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