Top 10 easy but hilarious pranks

10. The Feather And Shaving Cream Trick

When kids get together at sleepovers they tend to quickly get rowdy and start thinking up ways to mess with each other. After all of the sugar, caffeine and staying up late, it’s common for children to make a contest of who can stay awake the longest, and often make sure that whoever falls asleep too quickly is duly punished for the infraction — a major sleepover “party foul.” While a lot of kids will deal with this by doing uncouth child things, or painting on the victim’s face with Sharpie, the enterprising prankster has way more amusing and imaginative ways to deal with those who happen to slumber before the rest of the kids are ready.

When people are sleeping, they often make reflexive movements without even realizing it, especially if they are touched or tickled in the right spot. People realized a while back that an object like a feather will cause someone to itch themselves in their sleep on the spot where the feather touched. When pranksters realized this, they discovered that they could trick people into slathering things on their face while they sleep by first putting the agent on their hand, and then tickling their face with a feather. Shaving cream is a favorite because it foams up nicely, sticks to the face, and doesn’t taste pleasant while also being fairly easy to clean up and not truly harmful. If you like the person a little more, you can do it with aerosol whipped cream or cool whip instead.

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Top ten disappointing movies of 2016

Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice

batman superman movie review

Oh boy, where do you begin with a movie like Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice? The premise of Batman V. Superman was beyond exciting for people who love superhero movies. After all, Batman and Superman are arguably the two most popular superheroes in the world.

While Zack Snyder didn’t exactly deliver with Man of Steel, a lot of people were willing to give him a second chance. There was a new screenwriter on board, pre-release reception was glowing, and the early trailers were getting plenty of positive buzz. Even the most cautious of moviegoers at least assumed this would be better than Man of Steel.

Then the movie was released, and people quickly realized the error of their ways. Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice was an absolute mess that not even an extended R-rated cut could fix. The solid cast and decent action scenes are about all the movie has going for it. Some might argue that the movie was too ambitious for its own good, and there are certainly some valid arguments there. The movie tries its best to set up the DC cinematic universe, but ultimately that just leads to an overstuffed mess of a plot.

If the overstuffed plot were the only problem it would be slightly easier to forgive. It would still be hard to call it a “good movie” with how the story played off, but we could have at least claimed it was decent popcorn entertainment. The movie has a number of other issues, sadly.

The overly dark tone works to an extent, but it also results in the titular “heroes” lacking any sort of humanity. Batman and Superman don’t seem to feel any sort of empathy, which is unusual for their characters. Then you have the occasional cringe-worthy dialog, the lack of originality, and a number of pacing issues.

All of these result in a movie that’s not just disappointing – it’s flat-out unpleasant. So far, the DC cinematic universe is zero for two. It’s getting harder with each subsequent release to keep faith. Here’s hoping Suicide Squad turns things around.

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10 things you didn’t know about Jedi


Obi Wan and Anakin Star Wars: 10 Things You Didnt Know About The Jedi

Linguistically, both the word “Jedi” and “Padawan” have their roots on the planet Earth. “Jedi” is a shortening of the Japanese word jidaigeki, a genre of film in Japan that refers, roughly, to period dramas. More often than not, jidaigeki are samurai movies which feature sword fights and warriors, like the films of legendary filmmaker Akira Kurosawa. Kurosawa’s works were deeply influential for George Lucas and helped him to create Star Wars.

Padawan comes from the other side of the world. Originally the Sanskrit for “learner,” the word was adopted to be used as the term for a Jedi pupil who has been assigned to learn from a single Jedi teacher.

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10 insane experiments of real-life mad scientists

MIT Tricked Children Into Eating Radioactive Cereal


Photo credit: Taringa!

In the 1940s, Quaker Oats issued a research grant to MIT. Their competitor, Cream of Wheat, was flooding the media with ads claiming that the nutrients in their product traveled through the whole body. Quaker wanted to be able to say the same, but they refused to claim anything in an ad without proving it first—because Quaker wasn’t about to do anything unethical.

Instead, they rounded up 100 orphans, most of whom were mentally disabled, and fed them oatmeal laced with calcium tracers and radioactive iron. When the radiation flowed through the kids’ bodies, Quaker could see how iron traveled inside a duped, mentally challenged orphan.

The experiment jeopardized lives and cost MIT $1.85 million in fees from lawsuits.

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10 Richest People in the World


Christy - Ten Richest People in the World
His net worth in 2011 was $26.5 billion compared to a net worth of $22.5 billion in 2010. She was born in the year 1955 and her full name is Christy Ruth Walton. She was married to John T. Walton and he was one of the sons of Sam Walton who was the founder of Wal-Mart. She inherited the fortune of her husband after his death. She happens to be the sixth richest person in the United States. She is also the richest woman in the world for seven years in a row. It is reported that Gina Rinehart who is into mining and comes from Australia might have exceeded her wealth this May but we are not certain about that.

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Top 10 most violent video games

10. Soldier of Fortune

This Microsoft game was released on March 27 2000 and later had a PS2 edition as well. As the name suggests, it’s all about being a soldier – a first-person shooter that doesn’t hold back on the realistic depictions of violence. Each person figure in the game has 26 different zones to it, and shooting any one of those will make it explode dramatically. So, a shot to the head leaves the enemy with just a stump of a neck, and the teenage boy’s favorite – a shot to the crotch – will make the enemy clutch his groin before falling over. The detailed gameplay was enabled by the GHOUL engine, and it was the very first game to use that technology but, as you’d expect, the technological advance was opvershadowed by the outcry over the violent content. It was classed as an “adult motion picture” in British Columbia and placed on a “harmful to young people” list in Germany. And it was pretty graphic. But for the weak of stomach, there was an option to turn the gore off. So everyone’s happy.

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10 big name stars who are unbelievably short!

Daniel Radcliffe – 5’5″

The Boy Who Lived is also the boy who never really got that tall. 26 year old Daniel Radcliffe stands at only 5’5″ and it is hard not to notice, especially when next to Rupert Grint and Emma Watson who are both taller than him, despite being short themselves. Radcliffe has had a successful post ‘Potter’ career, working on films like ‘Horns’ and ‘Kill Your Darlings’. Radcliffe grew up in the industry and had to do school work on set because online schools and online colleges weren’t really prevalent at the time. Known for his outspoken nature in regards to equality and his affinity for controversial roles, Radcliffe looks to be an installment in Hollywood for quite awhile.

Daniel Radcliffe

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