10 celebs who took a big payday to get nude onscreen

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Halle Berry – Halle was already an established actress when she was offered $500,000, on top of her fee of $2 million, to do a topless scene in Swordfish. She definitely didn’t have to do it, but Berry accepted because she wanted to overcome her fear of doing nude scenes. We bet that $500,000 helped her make the choice as well.


Top 10 TV shows with the most nudity

1. BLACK SAILS (2014)

black sails tv shows most nudity 15 TV Shows With the Most Nudity

In the first season, nude scenes are so plentiful in Black Sails that it seems like just a part of everyday life for its characters. Viewers often see bare bottom and breasts, as well as full-frontal nudity. There is a brief scene in which Jon Silver is brought by his shipmates into a room to meet “Black Beard,” who, as it turns out, is named after the hair that covers her private regions. The scene features brief full-frontal female nudity, as well as a few other topless women.

While we see several instances of explicit female nudity, there are various instances of full-frontal male nudity in the first season as well. In one scene, a man’s entire body is revealed after a woman leaves him spread eagle on a bed. Uncensored male nudity is displayed in various other scenes throughout the course of the show.

While many shows discussed on this list only show the full female form,  Black Sails is an equal-opportunity nudity displayer.


10 sexy celebs who don’t hide that they’re bisexual

1. Lady Gaga

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Lady Gaga has been very open about her sexuality ever since she first came onto the scene as a major player in the music industry. We’re pretty sure you’ve heard her chart topping single ‘Poker Face,’ well this particular hit is about her lust for women. In 2009 while speaking with Barbara Walters she opened up about her sexual experiences and had this to say, “That’s really what the song was all about – why when I was with my boyfriend was I fantasing about women?!” Later in the interview Barbara asked if she had ever had sexual relations with women and Gaga said the following, “I’ve certainly had sexual relationships with women, yeah.” She also admitted that she has only been in love with men though, so if you think about it she’s just like one of the guys, she only wants the nookie. She also played a bisexual character in American Horror Story: Hotel. Welp, there you have it. Some say she’s so open about her sexuality in order to gain fans, we say Lady Gaga is just one of those hot, weird chicks that just so happens to like other hot chicks.