Top 10 easy but hilarious pranks

10. The Feather And Shaving Cream Trick

When kids get together at sleepovers they tend to quickly get rowdy and start thinking up ways to mess with each other. After all of the sugar, caffeine and staying up late, it’s common for children to make a contest of who can stay awake the longest, and often make sure that whoever falls asleep too quickly is duly punished for the infraction — a major sleepover “party foul.” While a lot of kids will deal with this by doing uncouth child things, or painting on the victim’s face with Sharpie, the enterprising prankster has way more amusing and imaginative ways to deal with those who happen to slumber before the rest of the kids are ready.

When people are sleeping, they often make reflexive movements without even realizing it, especially if they are touched or tickled in the right spot. People realized a while back that an object like a feather will cause someone to itch themselves in their sleep on the spot where the feather touched. When pranksters realized this, they discovered that they could trick people into slathering things on their face while they sleep by first putting the agent on their hand, and then tickling their face with a feather. Shaving cream is a favorite because it foams up nicely, sticks to the face, and doesn’t taste pleasant while also being fairly easy to clean up and not truly harmful. If you like the person a little more, you can do it with aerosol whipped cream or cool whip instead.

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