Top 10 easy but hilarious pranks

1. Pranking Someone Into Opening Up A Shaken Can Or Bottle Of Soda

This is one of the most classic pranks that exist, and it is also one of the easiest of all time. However, while it is incredibly easy, the fact that it is so well known means that it can make it hard to pull off if your target is even somewhat sharp. For example, if they know you are a prankster, and you offer them a carbonated drink, they are probably likely to carefully check it first or give it some time to settle in case you are trying to mess with them.

The alternative here is to instead shake up your drink out of the victims sight, make a show of trying to open it in front of them, and then ask them to help you open it. If you are really tricky, you can get them to ask you if you need help, and even deny their help the first couple times before finally giving in and allowing them to cover themselves with an unexpected carbonated surprise.

Of course, even this may not work so well if the target knows you too well, which is why it’s even better used on casual acquaintances or other people who don’t know you too well, but whom you believe you can perform a harmless prank on without getting in too much trouble. In their case it’s still probably going to raise suspicion if you offer them a soda, so you are likely back to making them think you need help opening it. Those of you with obviously strong hands should probably avoid this tactic however, as it may be a dead giveaway that you are up to something funny.

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