Top 10 easy but hilarious pranks

9. Bucket Of Water Over The Door Prank

This is a classic prank that many of you may be aware of, although it is rarely performed that often in real life — it’s more often seen in movies. However, it’s a very simple and effective way to prank anyone. All you have to do is get a bucket of water — or really any safe liquid you prefer for comedic effect — and position it precariously over a door. If you really want to ensure accuracy you can rig things up with rope and string. When the victim of the prank walks through the door, the bucket will tip and spill water all over. While this may seem like a fairly over dumb way to prank someone, it’s actually really effective because it has a strong measure of repeatability.

Many pranks are going to be harder to pull off again and again — your victim will start to watch out for your tricks. They will look closely at their food and try not to fall asleep around you. However, they can’t really avoid opening doors forever, and if you rig it up right they will never know which door is going to have a rigged bucket that makes them enjoy a surprise shower on the spot. Of course, if you repeatedly prank your victim with the same trick too much, they may tire of your antics and start turning the tables against you.

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