Top 10 easy but hilarious pranks

8. Toothpaste On The Oreos Gag

This one takes a little bit of work. First, you’ll need to carefully take apart the Oreosand remove all of the delicious filling inside. While this may be a bit of effort, most people tend to remove the cream from their Oreos anyway, so you can enjoy that filling while preparing your prank. Then, meticulously and carefully replace all of the cream with toothpaste and put the halves of the cookie back together. The trick here is to ensure a very even spread and make sure that it looks as much like an Oreo as possible in terms of thickness and overall perfection. It’s a good idea to take your time to make it look just right, so the trick doesn’t fall apart early.

After that with the new packaging it’s actually fairly easy to simply replace them inside an already opened package when no one is looking and enjoy the show. For a twist on this trick, you can pull this one on someone who is really fond of the new Mint Oreos. Because toothpaste is minty already, it will probably take them a little longer to realize that they have been had, and make your overall mirth all the greater. There are also many white toothpastes with various different flavors to go with. You don’t necessarily have to go with mint, you could also try to give them a shocking surprise by using cinnamon toothpaste or something similar.

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