Top 10 easy but hilarious pranks

7. The Airhorn Door Stopper Prank

The Airhorn is the favorite device of the kind of person who thinks they are a great jokester, but is really just an overall annoying person who will do almost anything for attention. Those who like to constantly annoy others with airhorns are likely the kind of children who ran around with whatever noise maker they could find and banged it as loud as possible, thinking that their ability to annoy other was somehow a skill. They also usually decided after being told off that people just couldn’t take a joke, or understand how funny they are. Now, while it’s not particularly clever to simply jam an airhorn near someone’s ear, there are ways to use the device to cleverly prank someone and give them quite a fright.

The trick is to first obtain an airhorn, while trying to maintain as much dignity as you can — buying online helps for this. Then, carefully duct tape it to the inside of a door around where you would normally put a door stopper. Make sure it is carefully duct taped and positioned so that when the door is opened, the airhorn will immediately go off and make an awful and extremely loud noise. If you want to test the prank first, make sure your victim isn’t home or you may clue them in and completely ruin the joke. This is definitely one of those pranks that is not going to have much of an effect if they know it’s coming — startling sounds are really only startling if you don’t expect them.

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