Top 10 easy but hilarious pranks

6. The Balloon “Birthday Cake” Prank

Some parents feel that their child’s birthday is a great day for celebration. The day they first brought a new child into the world that signifies the love between them, and how wonderfully their new family has moved forward together. These parents will nurture their child and make sure that their birthday is something special and unforgettable. However, there is another type of parent who sees birthdays as a great chance to mess with their offspring and toy with them for their own amusement. For those parents, there are great ways to prank your child on their birthday.

For those who are looking for something more imaginative than a crushing and not at all interesting anymore prank like the fake lottery ticket, enterprising pranksters have found a way to combine birthday cakes and people’s propensity to jump at loud noises into one package. The trick works by essentially making a fake birthday cake with a balloon and a cake box. Once the “cake” is finished, you carefully frost the lumpy monstrosity and serve it to your offspring along with a knife to cut it. When it is cut, it will pop open, shocking them greatly and sending frosting flying everywhere. If you don’t want your victim to hate your afterwards, you should probably bring out the real cake after the prank cake has been opened.

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