Top 10 easy but hilarious pranks

5. The Tape On The TV Remote Sensor Prank

Before we get started, we should point out that there are some great honorable mentions for pranking people with TV remotes, but it can get much more expensive to do some of the other tricks. One of the more costly, but incredibly fun ways to prank your target, is to buy an exact working copy of the same remote, and then very occasionally change the volume or channel without them noticing. If you do it too much at once or too often they might catch on. However, if you are subtle enough about it you can keep it up for months without being noticed. On the other hand, if you want to prank your target on a budget, you can simply opt to grab some tape and have some fun with them.

While this trick is only going to work on your target once, because after that they will always check, it will cause them a lot of frustration and will be worth watching. When your target isn’t paying attention, carefully apply a piece of tape over the sensor bar of the remote. For best effect use a tape that is very thin and will blend in as much as possible with your remote so it won’t be noticed without careful inspection. For added effect, suggest to your victim that the remote might be out of battery power and watch them go all the way through changing to fresh batteries, and still failing a few times, before you finally clue them in — if they haven’t figured out your game already.

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