Top 10 easy but hilarious pranks

4. A Candy Apple That Turns Into A Not-So-Sweet Surprise

Candy apples may not be very good for your teeth, but they are a delicious and enjoyable treat that is especially popular during the fall. You could sort of consider this a seasonal prank, as your victim may find it odd that you are offering them candy apples outside of the expected normal timeframe, and begin suspecting you’re up to something.

The trick is incredibly simple to pull off and has a delightful and harmless payoff. Instead of using apples, you simply take large onions that are about the size of apples, put the stick in them, and then coat them in the caramel candy coating like you would any candy apple. Once the “treats” are finished and ready, you can now serve them to your unsuspecting victim. For bonus points, you could make a real candy apple for yourself to bite into first to gain their trust, knowing that all the rest are actually onions.

When your intended target bites in, they will likely take an extremely full bite. This means that not only will the taste be entirely unexpected, but they will have way more raw onion in their mouth at once than really anyone is used to. If all goes well their eyes will tear up from the onions and their reaction will be something priceless that you can all laugh about later. However, keep in mind that this trick may not work if you have performed any other food pranks on them in the recent past. Once people realize that food from your hand cannot be entirely trusted, they will be much warier and harder to fool.

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