Top 10 easy but hilarious pranks

2. The Fake Spider On The Toilet Paper Never Gets Old

People tend to be incredibly afraid of bugs, and that fear usually translates doubly so to creatures like spiders. Now, while people tend to find bugs gross, and repulsive, most people don’t feel a surge of true fear unless they feel they are in a position where they are unable to escape the bug — giving them that fight or flight sense of panic. After all, we are way bigger than bugs are and we know they have no reason to truly bother us, but we don’t want to be in close quarters with any kind of creepy, crawly monstrosity. This means that if you want to scare someone with a fake bug, the best place to do so is somewhere they cannot easily get away — at least not without serious comedic effect.

While a car is one place that can work, it is a dangerous idea and should never be attempted. Causing a driver to be startled won’t be funny when the car crashes. However, people also tend to feel vulnerable while in the bathroom, and often freak out if large bugs appear while they are within its walls. In order to pull off this prank, you simply hide a fake spider slightly behind the toilet paper dispenser so that it pops up as they pull on the roll. For those of you on a budget, or those who just don’t feel like spending the money on your prank, you can also use a black sharpie to draw a spider on the toilet paper. It may not seem as lifelike, but if done right it will still greatly startle your victim, which is the real objective in the end.

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