Top ten disappointing movies of 2016

Zoolander 2

Zoolander 2

Zoolander’s status as a cult classic helped earn the film a long overdue sequel. Coming fifteen years after the release of the original film, people were ecstatic to see Ben Stiller pull of his trademark “Blue Steel” look once again. Yes, the audience got to see Stiller pull off the “Blue Steel” but it didn’t feel like he was doing it for the right reasons. This sequel seems less like a labor of love and more of an obligation.

The charming absurdist humor of the original is lacking in the sequel. Instead, the audience had to settle for recycled jokes and an overabundance of bland cameos.

Cameos are fun every now and then, but when the entire movie relies on them in an attempt to get laughs, then you may need to try a bit harder. The cameos seem about as forced as the callbacks to the original movie. The movie is completely lacking in soul, and even worse, humor.

It’s not as if comedy sequels have a tendency of being good movies. Still, after some solid comedy sequels in recent years, you’d think maybe Stiller would be able to put some life into his Zoolander sequel.

Unfortunately the movie makes the same mistakes as every other comedy sequel. It’s a lazy rehash that thinks bigger is better. Bad news folks, it’s absolutely not in the case of Zoolander 2.

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