Top ten disappointing movies of 2016

The Finest Hours

The Finest Hours

The Finest Hours is a perfectly entertaining movie that tells a compelling story adequately. The problem is that the movie never tries to be anything more than adequate. The pieces are all there to make something incredible, but when they come together the end product is just “pretty good.”

There’s a lot of different plot lines to be found in The Finest Hours. They all work together well enough, but they fail move the audience in the way they intended.

The movie seeks to immerse us, but it only succeeds in keeping us occupied for a couple hours. If this didn’t have so much potential, that would be perfectly fine. Not every movie needs to be an emotionally gripping drama. However, given the source material and people involved, doesn’t it make sense that people were expecting a little bit more than what was actually delivered?

Visually, The Finest Hours is stunning. On top of that, Chris Pine seems genuinely invested in his role. The script and direction are ultimately what cause the movie to stumble. As a result, it feels like a nostalgia-infused adventure movie with too many moving pieces. It’s definitely a fun movie, but it never lives up to the promise.

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